Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay

Published on 27 July 2019

The following video will show you Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay.
You can check all characters gameplay from the game within our site.

Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay Cover

Ayakashi Gohan is an otome game developed and published by honeybee.
Released at 29 August 2014.

The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain SPOILER,
sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language.
Discretion is advised.

InformationStoryCharactersOpening MoviePrologue

Title Ayakashi Gohan
Original Title あやかしごはん
Developer Honeybee
Publisher Honeybee
Released Date 29 August 2014

Once upon a time, a long time ago… It is not.

In the corner of a certain village where ayakashi and humans coexist,
there is a shop that serves meals for ayakashi.

The name of this eatery is “Ponpokorin”.

In that store, both ayakashi and humans visit it seeking to have a delicious meal.

The shop owner is a youko (a mythological fox spirit) taking on a human form.

“Everybody can be happy if they can have a delicious meal.”

That was the youko’s creed.

The youko and its soon-to-be 7-year-old son continue to cook delicious meals to this very day.

One day, as the hot summer ended and the harvest of autumn approached,
a lone girl enters the youko’s store.

From that moment onward, the story begins.

The beginning of a heart-warming story involving ayakashi,
humans and delicious meals, starts here.

Childhood Chapters

Rin Akane

Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay Rin Akane Child
The Protagonist
CV: Akane Tomonaga

Ayakashi Chapters

Rin Akane

Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay Rin Akane Ayakashi
The Protagonist
CV: Akane Tomonaga

Yomi Inushima

Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay Yomi Inushima
The Komainu and Uta’s Younger Twin Brother
CV: Yuki Kaji

Serigano Manatsu

Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay Manatsu Serigano
The Son of The Local Small Store Owner
CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu

Kimura Asagi

Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay Asagi Kimura
The Mysterious Boy
CV: Akira Ishida

Human Chapters

Rin Akane

Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay Rin Akane Human
The Protagonist
CV: Akane Tomonaga

Uta Inushima

Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay Uta Inushima
The Komainu and Yomi’s Twin Brother
CV: Hiro Shimono

Suou Hana

Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay Suou Hana
The Nekomata
CV: Noriaki Sugiyama

Haginosuke Ibuki

Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay Haginosuke Ibuki
The Son of The Chief Priest of a Shinto Shrine
CV: Takahiro Mizushima

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