Steam Prison Gameplay : CYRUS TISTELLA

Published on 7 March 2019

The following video will show you Steam Prison Gameplay Cyrus Tistella.
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Steam Priseon Gameplay Cyrus Tistella Cover

The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain SPOILER,
sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language.
Discretion is advised.


Our heroine, Cyrus Tistella, born and raised in the Heights, has nothing but contempt for those from the Depths.
To the people of the Heights, the Depths is a prison where sinners are banished. A land where the lowly dwell.
Without ever involving with the Depths,
Cyrus lives her life as a police officer in the Heights, protecting the people with faith in her sense of justice.

One day, on an observation mission, Cyrus traveled with her partner, Fin,
to the area of the Depths where criminals from the Heights were kept.

As Cyrus descend to that unknown world,
the gears of her fate has begun to turn…

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