10 Days with My Devil Gameplay : SHIKI KUROBANE

Published on 30 June 2019

The following video will show you 10 Days with My Devil Gameplay Shiki Kurobane.
You can check all characters gameplay from the game within our site.

10 Days with My Devil Gameplay Shiki Profile

The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain SPOILER,
sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language.
Discretion is advised.

No… Don’t go, dummy. Pick me…

You’ve been granted extra time on Earth so you can confess to the man you love, and Shiki’s in charge of looking after you.

…Or that’s the plan anyway. Instead, you find yourself spending every day with this brusque, freewheeling man.

In no time at all, he’s all you can think about.

How to Unlocked All Ending?

This only work when both ending still locked and it’s only work ONCE.

The easiest way is to always play from the Last Chapter, either choices will send you to the HAPPY ENDING so no need to read at all and just SKIP. After that, feel free to play from beginning and choose the right answer to unlocked the SUPER HAPPY ENDING.

How to unlocked WITHOUT guide?

Always choose the choices about him. Everything about him. Everything for him.
For example: if you have to choose between him and other, choose him.

Main Story

~Super Happy Ending~

Episode 1
Pretty eyes.
It’s cute.

Episode 2
You look happy.
Something wrong with that?

Episode 3
I’m sorry!
…..it’s cute.

Episode 4
I can’t.
Your face is all red.

Episode 5

It’s still mean to say.

Episode 6
He’s like a little brother.
Thank you.

Episode 7
Were you worried about me?
I love you.

Episode 8
I like you.
I was the one who hugged him.

Episode 9
Thank you.
Close your eyes.

Episode 10
He’s a friend.
I want Shiki.

Episode 11
There’s someone else I like…
Thank you.

Episode 12
It’s so pretty.
This is bad, isn’t it?

Episode 13
I want to go to the Demon Realm.
How can you say that?

Episode 14
That’s impossible!

Episode 15
Yell for help.
Try touching him.

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