A Knight’s Devotion Gameplay

Published on 8 January 2017

The following video will show you A Knights Devotion Gameplay.
You can check all characters gameplay from the game within our site.

A Knight Devotion Cover
A Knight’s Devotion is an otome game developed and also published by Voltage Inc.
Released at 11 April 2013 and also part of Voltage Inc Series Gameplay.


Title A Knight’s Devotion
Romaji Title Ai o Sasagu Densetsu no Kishi
Original Title 愛を捧ぐ伝説の騎士
Developer Voltage Inc
Publisher Voltage Inc

The game takes place in the fantasy kingdom of Rapier, where the protagonist has grown up as a simple village girl raised by her grandmother. When strange men in black robes attack her village and she is rescued by a group of royal knights, she learns that she is actually the daughter of the king, raised in secret in order to ensure her safety. Now she is of age and the king has collapsed, and these five knights have arrived to take her back to the palace in order to assume her role as princess.

Someone, however, has an interest in making sure that she never makes it there, and with the men in black robes a constant threat along their route to the palace, the protagonist must choose one of the knights to be her personal protector in order to make sure she makes it out of the situation alive.


A Knights Devotion Gameplay Lute
At this moment, please allow me to forget about my role as a knight.
The Leader of the Group


A Knights Devotion Gameplay Haku
Do you understand that I am a man before I am a knight?
The Archer


A Knights Devotion Gameplay Ken
I have never looked at you as a princess.
Your childhood friend


A Knights Devotion Gameplay Shion
Do you really find me that interesting…?
The Genius Knight


A Knights Devotion Gameplay Gaia
I swear by this sword I will protect you.
The Knight-Commander


A Knights Devotion Gameplay Richard
It may be wrong for me to love you… But I’ll protect you no matter what.
The Royal Butler of Rapier Kingdom

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