After School Affairs Gameplay : RIKIYA MONONOBE

Published on 16 November 2018

The following video will show you After School Affairs Gameplay Rikiya Mononobe.
You can check all characters gameplay from the game within our site.

After School Affairs Gameplay Rikiya Profile

The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain SPOILER,
sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language.
Discretion is advised.

“Do you want to be pet like this?”

He was the Physics Teacher at the former Seika Ladies’ Academy and now teaches high-risk students at the new Seishun High School.

He is a little around the edges and a little scary. But the kindness in his eyes and touch is warmer than anyone’s work. He has guided many of his students to pass entrance exams. He’s popular for being easy to talk to and his relaxed demenor.

When you’re in his arms, will he do whatever it takes to make you happy?

How to Unlocked ALL Ending?

This only work when both ending still locked and it’s only work ONCE.

The easiest way is to always play from the Last Chapter, either choices will send you to the CLIMACTIC ENDING so no need to read at all and just SKIP. After that, feel free to play from beginning and choose the right answer to unlocked the AMOROUS ENDING.

How to unlocked WITHOUT guide?

Always choose the choices about him. Everything about him. Everything for him.
For example: if you have to choose between him and other, choose him.

Main Story

~Amorous Ending~

Episode 01
A: “Please don’t get the wrong idea.”
B: “I’m the assistant home teacher…”

Episode 02
A: Look at Mr. Mononobe.
C: Hop on the bike right away.

Episode 03
A: “Don’t be ridiculous!”
B: Say it’s impossible to forget.

Episode 04
B: Chase after him.
A: “I just got out of the shower.”

Episode 05
C: “I don’t know yet.”
A: “It’s close, so I’ll walk.”

Episode 06
C: Ask Mr. Mononobe for help.
C: Let Mononobe answer.

Episode 07
B: “Not when your’re holding that cat.”
C: “I’m just so happy…”

Episode 08
A: “I can’t let you go alone!”
A: “Doesn’t it hurt?”

Episode 09
A: “It was all because of you.”
C: “That’s how happy I am!”

Episode 10
C: Ask about yesterday.
A: Ask him to let Sanada go.

Episode 11
A: Ask what you think is okay.
A: “Okay.”

Episode 12
B: Let him hold you.
A: “Are you hiding something?”

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