Cupid Parasite Gameplay

Published on 27 January 2022

The following video will show you Cupid Parasite Gameplay.
You can check all characters gameplay from the game within our site.

Cupid Parasite Gameplay Cover
Cupid Parasite is an otome game developed by Otomate and published by Idea Factory.
Released at 2 November 2021.

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Title Cupid Parasite
Romaji Title Cupid Parasite
Original Title キューピット・パラサイト
Developer Otomate
Publisher Idea Factory
Rating CERO D, PEGI 12, ESRB Teen

In the heart of Los York, a glitzy, trendsetting metropolis
that sits on the cutting edge of culture and couture, one daring marriage agency stands apart from the rest in success rate and in style. The Cupid Corporation.

As Cupid Corp’s top bridal advisor, our heroine consults the city’s most in-vogue singles to make their wildest romantic dreams come true. But she has one secret which she can never share.

Her true identity is Cupid, a descendant from Celestia sent here on a heavenly mission.

Only this time, our heroine has been tasked with her biggest challenge yet: handling the matchmaking, and thus the fates, of the infamous Parasite 5.

After a series of unimpressive interviews and workshops, they concoct the perfect plan. Parasite House, a shared home created for reality TV centered around the lives of the Parasite 5 and their romantic exploits.

Leading these hopeless men to marital bliss proves to be a Herculean task even for great Cupid herself!
Can she live up to her name and keep her identity secret at the same time?!
Find out in the most divinely unpredictable romantic comedy of the millennium! ♥

Lynette Mirror

Cupid Parasite Gameplay Lynette Mirror
Our slogan is, ‘From your first encounter to your final vows,’ and we are committed to that goal!
The Protagonist

Gill Lovecraft

Cupid Parasite Gameplay Gill Lovecraft
I know I have to face forward into the future,
but not a single day’s gone by that I haven’t thought about you.
Freelance Editor
CV: Ryouhei Kimura

Shelby Snail

Cupid Parasite Gameplay Shelby Snail
If you want to be desired, you must achieve maximum status.
Founder and President of the Cupid Corporation

Raul Aconite

Cupid Parasite Gameplay Raul Aconite
Your necklace is really cute.
It’s based on the myth of Cupid’s Bow, right?
World-famous Movie Star
CV: Taku Yashiro

Ryuki F. Keisaiin

Cupid Parasite Gameplay Keisaiin F Ryuki
Fashion Designer
CV: Junya Enoki

Allan Melville

Cupid Parasite Gameplay Allan Melville
People share everything these days
——Why not share partners?
Senior Employee at Pillow Luxuria
CV: Makoto Furukawa

Peter Flage

Cupid Parasite Gameplay Peter Flage
My job is to look after the recording equipment!
Assistant Director at Parasite House
CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto

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