Finally in Love Again Gameplay

Published on 22 January 2017

The following video will show you Finally in Love Again Gameplay.
You can check all characters gameplay from the game within our site.

Finally in Love Again Gameplay Cover
Finally in Love Again is an otome game developed and also published by Voltage Inc.
Released at 10 September 2014 and also part of Voltage Inc Series Gameplay.

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Title Finally in Love Again
Romaji Title Saigo no Koi, Boku ni Kudasai
Original Title 最後の恋、僕にください
Developer Voltage Inc
Publisher Voltage Inc

“You forgot how to kiss? Allow me to remind you.”

You’re a pastry chef. You’ve been wrapped up in your job, and your love life has fallen by the wayside. You go to a singles event on your birthday and five attractive men profess their love for you!

You thought your ex was out of your life for good… but look who’s showed up! On top of that, you’ve got five gorgeous guys all confessing their love for you!!

He doesn’t care that you’re still thrown off by how rusty you are!
He’s very intent on inviting you on dates and stealing kisses…

“Don’t think. Just feel that I’m here.”

Your man takes the lead and you’re head over heels before you know it! It’s been a long time since you were in love, but now it’s about to happen again!

A dramatic love story begins…

Aki Fujishima

Finally in Love Again Gameplay Aki Fujishima
Tell me already… Tell me that you love me.
Owns a Patisserie called Larme

Shuichiro Momoi

Finally in Love Again Gameplay Shuichiro Momoi
Show me what experience has taught you.
The Head Pastry Chef at Larme

Sosuke Kikuchi

Finally in Love Again Gameplay Sosuke Kikuchi
I’m not a kid anymore. I can tell you how I feel now.
The Delivery-man for Sayama Express

Yoh Kobayakawa

Finally in Love Again Gameplay Yoh Kobayakawa
You thought I wouldn’t pounce on you? I am a man.
The Part-time Employee at Mon Cheri

Yuto Tsuruya

Finally in Love Again Gameplay Yuto Tsuruya
I never felt this way… until you came along.
His family owns Tsuruya Confectionery

Kazuki Serizawa

Finally in Love Again Gameplay Kazuki Serizawa
Please, stop by whenever you like.
You’re always welcome here.

Your Ex-boyfriend

Kanata Tachibana

Finally in Love Again Gameplay Kanata Tachibana
I want to try to love again… This time, with you.
The Erotic Novelist

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