Ikémen Prince: Beauty and Her Beast Gameplay

Published on 15 January 2022

The following video will show you Ikémen Prince: Beauty and Her Beast Gameplay.
You can check all characters gameplay from the game within our site.

Ikemen Prince Beauty and Her Prince Gameplay Cover
Ikémen Prince: Beauty and Her Beast is an otome game developed and published by CYBIRD.
Released at 1 July 2020, and also part of Ikemen Series Gameplay.

The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain SPOILER,
sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language.
Discretion is advised.

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Title Ikémen Prince: Beauty and Her Beast
Romaji Title Ikemen Ouji: Bijo to Yajuu no Saigo no Koi
Original Title イケメン王子 美女と野獣の最後の恋
Developer CYBIRD
Publisher CYBIRD
Rating ESRB M

“What is true love with the Eight princes who are said to be wild beast of the Rhodolite Kingdom?”

You are the heroine of the game who worked in a bookstore in Rhodolite.

After saving a young boy from a drunk man in the prologue, you’ve been selected as “Belle” to choose the next king out of eight princes. If that wasn’t hard enough, the princes turn out to be hot… and deadly. They’re rumored to be beasts, and you find out that the rumors were far from wrong.

Though scared at first, she accepts her role and sets out to learn which prince is best-suited to be king… and falls in love with one of them in the process.

In a world of war and intrigue, will you be able to save his heart and yours as you enter your very own fairy tale?

Leon Dompteur

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Leon Dompteur
I’ll prove it through the way that I live whether the qualities of a king dwells in a person’s blood or their character.
The 4th Prince
CV: Kazuki Kato

Yves Kloss

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Yves Kloss
I’m not a poor prince.
Even if no one accepts me, I will.
The 5th Prince
CV: Uchida Yuma

Licht Klein

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Licht Klein
You don’t have to follow me. I’ll never become king.
There’s no reason for you to get to know me.
The 6th Prince
CV: Shoichiro Oomi

Jin Grandet

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Jin Grandet
I won’t become king. I’m outta this race.
But I’ll watch over the fate you decide.
The 1st Prince
CV: Hiroki Yasumoto

Chevalier Michel

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Chevalier Michel
There is no need for you. No matter who Belle chooses, the future where I become king is inevitable.
The 2nd Prince
CV: Yuki Ono

Clavis Lelouch

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Clavis Lelouch
It’s much more entertaining if the process of choosing a king doesn’t go smoothly.
The 3rd Prince
CV: Kenji Nojima

Nokto Klein

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Nokto Klein
Me as the king?
Hm, I don’t mind that kind of role-playing.
The 7th Prince
CV: Takuya Eguchi

Luke Randolph

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Luke Randolph
Nah, I don’t feel like working.
Let’s leave the rest to them and go have fun.
The 8th Prince
CV: Sion Yoshitaka

Sariel Noir

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Sariel Noir
Until you choose the next king, I wield all the power in the palace, albeit from the shadows.
The Minister and also King’s Regent
CV: Show Hayami

Rio Ortiz

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Rio Ortiz
It’s my duty to make your wishes come true.
I’m your butler, after all.
Your friend and Butler
CV: Hiromu Mineta

Keith Howell

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Keith Howell
I’m sure your heart is beautiful too isn’t it?
I’m jealous.
Jade’s 1st Prince
CV: Wataru Hatano

Gilbert von Obsidian

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Gilbert von Obsidian
What would you do if I like you?
You… won’t be able to escape from me
Obsidian’s 1st Prince
CV: Shintarou Asanuma

Silvio Ricci

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Silvio Ricci
Be honored. I’ll let you name your price,
and I shall make you mine.
Benitoite’s 1st Prince
CV: Takuya Satou

Azel Radwan

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Azel Radwan
True love? That kind of thing is a curse.
Just throw it away at the end of the desert.

Tanzanite’s 2nd Prince
CV: Takuma Terashima

Mathias Asbrink

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Mathias Asbrink
It’s presumptuous for a commoner royal family to rule a country.
The law is absolute.

Acroite’s 1st Prince
CV: Youhei Azakami

Amagase Kagari

Ikemen Prince Gameplay Amagase Kagari
The more worthless you are, the more you scream.
Which one is the queen?
Kogyoku’s 2nd Prince
CV: Shoya Chiba

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