Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of Musk~ Gameplay : FIRST NIGHT

Published on 29 April 2020

The following video will show you Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of Musk~ Gameplay First Night.
You can check all characters gameplay from the game within our sites.

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First Night European Night

The First Prince of the Lugan Kingdom—— “Vince Lugan”

With his ferocious cruelty and bee-like sharpness, the First Prince was famous for his choice of ways to expand his territory.

At the end of this World Conference on Leaders, he will be crowned King of the Lugan Kingdom, known as a militaristic state.
He was enthusiastic about making the meeting an outpost.
Contrary to Prince Vince, he is an aide to stretch his wings. The two come together to the Shanasa Kingdom.

——The morning of the second day of the meeting.

Perhaps because he had drunk too much at the welcome party held the night before,
Prince Vince’s awakening was not refreshing.
However, the lassitude quickly blows away.
A strange woman came into the room before he knew it.

“Don’t put a woman in my room without permission.
It’s unpleasant.”

Despite his glare, Prince Vince was puzzled by the changes he had made. He felt that an insatiable desire, similar to thirst, would undermine his reason.

——Time goes back a week before the conference.

A customer came to Show Salon Kamal.
The original appearance of “Dancing Princess”. To ask her a job as a spy. He want to saved his sister. That was the mission.

The client is “Roland Crydelle” ——The third prince of an extinct kingdom.

“…Hey, I can finally help you…”

Between a target who has never loved a woman and a client who has distorted love to a woman.

European Triangle
who breaks the sacrifice of thirst——

Used translation with permission from Ramia

Used translation with permission from Ramia

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