Rose in the Embers Gameplay

Published on 21 December 2021

The following video will show you Rose in the Embers Gameplay.
You can check all characters gameplay from the game within our site.

Rose in the Ember Gameplay Cover
Rose in the Embers is an otome game developed and published by Voltage Inc.
Released at 13 November 2017, and also part of Voltage Inc Series Gameplay.


Title Rose in the Embers
Romaji Title Taishou Roman, Unmei no Hito
Original Title 大正ロマン、運命の人
Developer Voltage Inc
Publisher Voltage Inc

The protagonist is a young woman born and raised in the farming village of Nagano during the Taisho period. After her father falls ill and her family is unable to afford treatment, she sells herself as an indentured servant to the strict owner of the Koibaroh Inn, located in the Capital. However, the protagonist soon realizes exactly what sort of inn she works at, when a ‘noble’ guest tries to force himself on her and the madam of the Inn makes it clear that she is fully expected to comply. The protagonist fights off the lecherous guest and causes a commotion in the Inn. It is when the madam is about to throw her out that the capricious Lord offers to pay the madam double the protagonist’s price.

With cash flying everywhere around her and guests scrambling to pick up the pieces, the protagonist finds herself being owned by this earl’s son, to be his possession or be given to one of his friends.

As the protagonist finds her feet in the Capital and learns more about her employer, she soon discovers herself falling in love with whoever she ends up serving. But with the strict social classes of the time period in place, can this unlikely Cinderella and her chosen prince find happiness?

Kyosuke Takatsukasa

Rose in the Embers Gameplay Kyosuke Takatsukasa
Come, my Cinderella… a night of “amusements” awaits.
The Earl’s son

Takahisa Togo

Rose in the Embers Gameplay Takahisa Togo
A soldier’s life belongs to his country.
We don’t have the time to waste on women.
Captain in the Imperial Army

Misao Higuchi

Rose in the Embers Gameplay Misao Higuchi
I can paint you, yes… But can you “inspire” me?
Painter Artist

Tsukumo Kobayakawa

Rose in the Embers Gameplay Tsukumo Kobayakawa
Ghouls and goblins are not to be feared…
It’s “humans” you should watch out for.
The Mystery Author

Atsuro Shibusawa

Rose in the Embers Gameplay Atsurou Shibusawa
It may not be my place to say, but…
To love outside your rank is a dangerous game.
Restaurant Owner

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