Scandal in the Spotlight Gameplay

Published on 20 November 2016

The following video will show you Scandal in the Spotlight Gameplay.
You can check all characters gameplay from the game within our site.

Scandal in the Spotlight Gameplay Cover
Scandal in the Spotlight is an otome game developed and published by Voltage Inc.
Released at 2 March 2015, and also part of Voltage Inc Series Gameplay.

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Title Scandal in the Spotlight
Romaji Title Itsuwari no Kimi to Scandal
Original Title 偽りの君とスキャンダル
Developer Voltage Inc
Publisher Voltage Inc

Its story revolves around Revance, Japan’s hottest Boy Band – five members perform to the adulation of crowds of fans, but the sixth, the lyricist, prefers to avoid the spotlight and never makes appearances.

The protagonist, meanwhile, is an aspiring screenwriter with little interest in boy bands. She has more immediate concerns, like the notebook of her work that’s gone missing and the sleazy producer who keeps hitting on her. When she happens into tickets to a Revance concert, however, she’s startled to recognize her own words in the lyrics of their newest song. She’s even more surprised when – just when it looks like that sleazy producer is poised to end her career before it’s even gotten off the ground – the members of the band sweep in with an unexpected solution.

They let her in on a closely-kept secret: the secretive sixth member of Revance, their lyricist Ryo, has in fact gone missing, and they want her to fill in for him until he’s found. If she does, they assure her that they can use their influence in the entertainment world to clear up her problems. If she doesn’t, she’ll probably never find work in the business again.

“We’re not letting you go, Little Miss Ghostwriter.”

Kyohei Rikudoh

Scandal in the Spotlight Gameplay Kyohei Rikudoh
My body will inspire your writing.
Revance’s Producer

Iori Enjo

Scandal in the Spotlight Gameplay Iori Enjo
Don’t call me that so casually.
I never said I’m your prince.
Son of the President of a huge Advertising Firm

Kota Igarashi

Scandal in the Spotlight Gameplay Kota Igarashi
Don’t talk to me. I’m not in the mood.
Actor and Singer

Nagito Aoshima

Scandal in the Spotlight Gameplay Nagito Aoshima
You smell so good, I can’t hold back…
Model and Fashion Designer

Takashi Ninagawa

Scandal in the Spotlight Gameplay Takashi Ninagawa
I’m right in the middle of this.
Let me just stay here…
Revance’s Leader and Soundmaster

Ryo Chibana

Scandal in the Spotlight Gameplay Ryo Chibana
I might just open up my heart to you.
Revance’s Lyricist

Ritsuto Ena

Scandal in the Spotlight Gameplay Ritsuto Ena
Sorry, but I’m gonna be the one to have her.
Revance’s ex-member

Fumito Ena

Scandal in the Spotlight Gameplay Fumito Ena
Everything is thrown off-killer when I’m with you…
Ritsuto’s Older Brother and Scriptwriter

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