Star-Crossed Myth Gameplay : SCORPIO

Published on 12 November 2018

The following video will show you Star-Crossed Myth Gameplay Scorpio.
You can check all characters gameplay from the game within our site

Star Crossed Myth Gameplay Scorpio Cover

The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain SPOILER,
sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language.
Discretion is advised.

I’ve already fallen…
It doesn’t matter how much farther I fall…

Vice-Minister of the Department of Punishment
Constellation of Scorpio
Sin: Used a forbidden power

He doesn’t want to associate with filthy humans,
and he doesn’t even know what love is, much less need it.

Can you erase his sins and return him to the heavens?

How to Unlocked ALL Ending?

This only work when both ending still locked and it’s only work ONCE.

The easiest way is to always play from the Last Chapter, either choices will send you to the FORBIDDEN ENDING so no need to read at all and just SKIP. After that, feel free to play from beginning and choose the right answer to unlocked the BLESSED ENDING.

How to unlocked WITHOUT guide?

Always choose the choices about him. Everything about him. Everything for him.
For example: if you have to choose between him and other, choose him.

Main Story

~Blessed Ending~

Story 1
I have a name, you know.
Wait and see.

Story 2
Don’t say anything.

Story 3
Go home.

Story 4
I’ll try.
Stop them.

Story 5
Try to protect yourself.
Something like love.

Story 6
I want to spend more time with him.
For Scorpio to return to the heavens!

Story 7
Worried about Scorpio.
I don’t hate you.

Story 8
You’re right.

Story 9
Hold his hand.

Story 10
Don’t tell her.
He would come.

Story 11
Stop the child soldiers.

Story 12
Will I ever see you again?


~Blessed Ending~

Story 1
No way!

Story 2
I just wanted to see you
Stay here

Story 3
I think it’s a good thing
Ask Scorpio

Story 4
It’s not that simple
About you

Story 5
Accidentally laugh

Story 6
I can stand by his side!

Story 7
Watch quietly

Musing on Love

~Blessed Ending~

Story 1

Story 1
I don’t know…
About you, Scorpio.

Story 2
I meant it.

Story 3
Hold his hands.
Warn her.

Story 4
Chase her.

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Department of Wishes

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Department of Punishment

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