Steam Prison Gameplay : FIN EUCLASE

Published on 20 July 2022

The following video will show you Steam Prison Gameplay Fin Euclase.
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Steam Prison Gameplay Fin Euclase Cover

The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain SPOILER,
sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language.
Discretion is advised.


I’m your friend.
No matter what the others say.

Rank One police officer
CV: Tarusuke Shingaki

Character Theme: Faith

A low-ranked police, he is Cyrus‘ co-worker and partner on the job.
Timid but gentle and calm.

The story begins with Cyrus regaining consciousness and discovering the bodies of her murdered parents.

Cyrus are under arrest for the murder of her parents. But Fin confesses to the crime by taking the blame… though she still ends up exiled to the Depths and transferred into the HOUNDS because of the rules.

Warder Route

~I Love You~

Return to pick up bag

Is that the truth?

Suggest going together

What about you, Fin?

Consider it

I’m sorry I didn’t understand how you felt

I missed you

All right

Just a little longer

I’m rooting for you

This takes me back

My heart is fluttering

I treasure him

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