Tokyo Love Hustle Gameplay

Published on 14 November 2021

The following video will show you Tokyo Love Hustle Gameplay.
You can check all characters gameplay from the game within our site.

Tokyo Love Hustle Gameplay Cover
Tokyo Love Hustle is an otome game developed and also published by Voltage Inc.
Released at November 4th, 2021 and also part of Voltage Inc Series Gameplay.

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Title Tokyo Love Hustle
Romaji Title S-Kyuu Ren’ai
Original Title S級恋愛
Developer Voltage Inc
Publisher Voltage Inc

A love that’ll twisted your life around.

Tucked away in a dingy corner of Shinjuku is an agency of fake mediums.
They use their winning smiles to swindle the easily-deceived out of a ridiculous amount of cash!

Due to certain circumstances, you find yourself working alongside these unprincipled men.

Well, what’ll it be? Want to increase your chemistry with me?

Throw all you know about love stories out the window, for one that’ll twist your life around!
How will everything turn out…?

Can you NOT make me into some reverse harem heroine? *cries*

Suzumu Mado

Tokyo Love Hustle Gameplay Suzumu Mado
Trust, confidence. I’ll buy’em with money. How much?
Director of Mado Psychics

Harushige Chikuma

Tokyo Love Hustle Gameplay Harushige Chikuma
Mm, I do hate deceiving others… *sigh*
Accountant of Mado Psychics

Taro Akuchi

Tokyo Love Hustle Gameplay Taro Akuchi
I don’t do imagination. Just come and say it.
Bodyguard of Mado Psychics

Ayataka Shiki

Tokyo Love Hustle Gameplay Ayataka Shiki
One’s physical appearance is limitless
——That’s what’s beautiful about me.
Popular Model

Aiji Mamonaka

Tokyo Love Hustle Gameplay Aiji Mamonaka
Let your trivial worries melt away with your dreams
——I shall give you a hand.
Famous Lawyer

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